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Board Members, Staff, and Hearing Officers

​​Board Members

The Personnel Board is composed of seven members. Five are appointed by the Governor and two are elected by state merit employees. Each member serves a four-year term, with the terms being staggered. See KRS 18A.045, 18A.050, and 18A.​ ​0551. 

Board Members
NameCityTerm Limit
Beverly Griffith, Vice ChairOwensboro, KYJanuary 1, 2023
Richard Waite - elected employeeMcKee, KYJune 30, 2022
Tanya Lawrence - elected employeeFrankfort, KYJune 30, 2022
McKinnley MorganFrankfort, KYJanuary 1, 2025
Yvette GentryLouisville, KYJanuary 1, 2025
T. Morgan Ward, Jr.LouisvilleJanuary 1, 2026

Board Administrative Staff

Board Staff
Mark A. SipekExecutive
Stafford EasterlingGeneral
Gwendolyn R. McDonaldAdministrative Section
Connie LashbrookAdministrative Specialist
Mickey GoffAdministrative Specialist

Hearing Officers

NOTE: To maintain impartiality, you may not contact a Hearing Officer directly. They are not authorized to give legal advice nor discuss pending cases outside of a hearing. 

Hearing Officers
Brenda AllenFrankfort, KY
Colleen B. BeachLouisville, KY
Geoffrey B. GreenawaltFrankfort, KY
Stephen McMurtryFt. Mitchell, KY
Roland MerkelLexington, KY
E. Patrick MooresLexington, KY
Kim Hunt PriceOwingsville, KY